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Baker Institute Viewpoints: Marijuana Legalization

Baker Institute Viewpoints is a regular series on the Baker Institute Blog that presents an array of views on a single issue.

In this installment, four Baker Institute fellows and three guest experts considered whether the United States should legalize marijuana. In each post, one of the seven writers — whose backgrounds include a biography of evangelist Billy Graham and a 30-year career in the Drug Enforcement Administration — gave his or her take on the issue.

Read the posts in this series:

"Marijuana: A case for legalization" —
William Martin, director of the Baker Institute Drug Policy Program

"In a contest with alcohol and tobacco, marijuana wins" —
Sylvia Longmire, author and expert on Mexico's drug wars

"Legalization of marijuana: When, not if" —
Gary Hale, Baker Institute nonresident drug policy fellow and former chief of intelligence in the Houston Field Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration

"Regulations work: Lessons from California's experience with medical marijuana" —
Tom Heddleston, whose doctoral dissertation examined the formulation and development of the medical marijuana movement in California

"Marijuana won't be legalized anytime soon" —
Tony Payan, visiting Baker Institute Scholar for Immigration and Border Studies

"Why legalizing marijuana is a bad idea" —
Joan Neuhaus Schaan, Baker Institute fellow in homeland security and terrorism

"Marijuana: A case against legaliation" —
Kevin A. Sabet, director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida College of Medicine