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Baker Institute Viewpoints: Regulating Legalized Marijuana

Baker Institute Viewpoints is a regular series on the Baker Institute Blog that presents an array of views on a single issue.

The recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington shifted the marijuana debate away from whether U.S. drug policy should change, toward what that change should be. Should regulation occur at the state or local level, and should retail points be publicly or privately run? What restrictions should be placed on advertising and age limits, and how should governments handle enforcement and taxation? Baker Institute drug policy experts tackled these questions in a series of blog posts on possible frameworks for regulating legalized marijuana.

Read the posts in this series:

"A bold new path: Moving beyond prohibition in Colorado and Washington" -
Tom Heddleston, Ph.D., whose dissertation examined the formation and development of the medical marijuana movement in California

"What is the best regulatory framework for legalized maraijuana?" -
Gary J. Hale, nonresident fellow in drug policy

"Optimal marijuana regulation" -
Nathan Jones, Alfred C. Glassell III Postdoctoral Fellow in Drug Policy