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Understanding Venezuela's discredited election

View fellow Francisco Monaldi's assessment of the road ahead for Venezuela, a country rich in oil and gas that President Nicolás Maduro has led into economic dysfunction and crisis. Monaldi's comments in English are followed by the interview in Spanish. 




En español:


Monaldi also commented on the crisis in Venezuela in the following publications: 

AFP News, via Yahoo News (Aug. 13): Could Venezuela's debt crisis force regime change?
NBC News (Aug. 9): Experts: U.S. needs Latin America for pressure on Venezuela to work
Reuters (Aug. 8): In political storm, Venezuela state-run oil company PDVSA drifts further
ABC News via AP (July 31): What's next? New Venezuela assembly has vast powers
The Washington Post's Wonkblog (July 31): Say goodbye to $2.30 gas if Trump goes hard after Venezuela
Fox Business (July 30): U.S. weighs sanctions against Venezuela’s oil industry
L.A. Times (July 29): As Venezuelan election nears, more upheaval and cries of fraud
New York Times (July 27): Wider U.S. sanctions on Venezuela risk biting both countries


On Aug. 9, he co-authored a report on what U.S. sanctions would be most effective in maximizing pressure on President Nicolás Maduro’s government while minimizing repercussions for the Venezuelan people, published by the Atlantic Council:


On Aug. 8, he appeared on Houston Matters to discuss the recent events in Venezuela and possible responses from the United States: