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General Colin Powell, 1937–2021


Statement of Edward P. Djerejian, Director of the Baker Institute

The Baker Institute’s Board of Advisors, Fellows and Staff deeply mourn the loss of an extraordinary American, General Colin Powell. It was an honor to host him at the institute and a source of pride that he accepted to serve on our Board. General Powell, as we fondly continued to address him even during his tenure as Secretary of State, inspired those in public service and in leadership roles. On a personal note, my family and I will sorely miss a friend and extend our profoundest condolences to his dear wife, Alma, and to his family.

Statement of James A. Baker, III, Honorary Chair of the Baker Institute 

Colin Powell was a great and inspirational American patriot who will forever remind us that no
challenge is insurmountable if you trust the values that made our nation a great one. His
resolute, measured, and intelligent guidance as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff played a
critical role in helping President George H.W. Bush make Desert Storm a model for how the
United States should wage a war. But General Powell was much more than a brilliant strategist.
He was a beautiful human being and a trusted advisor to President Ronald Reagan and both
Presidents Bush. Susan and I were greatly saddened to learn of his death, and we send Alma and
the entire Powell family our love and deepest regrets.