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Our response to the Covid-19 outbreak.



var ISMS = [ {thumb:'/photos/264/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/photos/264/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/264/800x800/constrain/90/',title:'A highlight of the fourth annual International Space Medicine Summit is a live videoconference with NASA’S Extreme Environment Missions Operations project from an underwater research facility off Key Largo, Fla. (May 2010)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/265/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/photos/265/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/265/800x800/constrain/90/',title:'NASA administrator Charles Bolden discusses President Barack Obama’s plans for the space program at the Baker Institute’s fourth annual International Space Medicine Summit. The summit brings together leading physicians and space biomedical scientists from space\u002Dfaring nations for high\u002Dlevel discussions on research needed to prevent and/or mitigate the medical and biomedical challenges associated with long\u002Dduration space flight. (May 2010)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/266/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/photos/266/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/266/800x800/constrain/90/',title:'Space exploration and medical experts participate in the Space Policy Program’s fifth annual International Space Medicine Summit. (May 2011)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/267/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/photos/267/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/267/800x800/constrain/90/',title:'More than 140 participants from space\u002Dfaring nations address the medical, psychological and biomedical challenges of flights to Mars and beyond at the sixth annual “International Space Medicine Summit.” (May 2012)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/268/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/photos/268/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/268/800x800/constrain/90/',title:'NASA administrator and former astronaut Charles F. Bolden Jr. attends the annual International Space Medicine Summit, which brings together the world’s leading experts to discuss space medicine research and policies to enhance global collaboration. (May 2013)',description:''}, {thumb:'/photos/269/72x66/crop/90/',image:'/photos/269/640x640/constrain/90/',big:'/photos/269/800x800/constrain/90/',title:'Experts at the eighth annual International Space Medicine Summit share lessons learned from long\u002Dduration human spaceflight and analog research environments. The panelists included (from left to right) Vladimir Titov, Graham Scott, Sergei Krikalev, Inesa Kozlovskaya, William Gerstenmaier, David Dinges, Valery Bogomolov and Craig Kundrot. (June 2014)',description:''} ]