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GOP primary deserves more attention from voters

Mark P. Jones

GOP primary deserves more attention from voters.

The direction and scope of public policy in Texas for the remainder of this decade will be profoundly affected by the outcome of this spring's Republican primaries, writes political science fellow Mark Jones, "yet if recent history is any guide, only between 5 percent and 7 percent of voting age Texans will turn out to vote in the March 4 Republican primary.

"Those who participate will, however, enjoy a privileged influence on the direction of state policy in the critical areas of education, health care, infrastructure, moral values issues and taxes. In contrast, many Texans who opt not to cast a ballot in the GOP primary may find themselves regretting their choice this time next year when the Republicans elected this spring are running the show in Austin."

Read the full article in the Feb. 1, 2014, edition of the Houston Chronicle.