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Tony Payan

Puentes Consortium .

The Puentes Consortium is made up of six universities from Mexico and the United States — Rice University, the University of Arizona, the University of California at San Diego, Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey and Universidad de Monterrey. It provides a distinctive voice for the binational community of scholars who research issues affecting both countries. The consortium will address border health issues at its fifth annual symposium on Feb. 26, 2015, at the Baker Institute. For more information, visit


Agenda for Puentes Symposium 2015: U.S.-Mexico Border Health and Well-being

Thursday, February 26

9:00 am    

Breakfast and Coffee

10:00 am    

Panel I: Issues of Vulnerable Populations

"Percepción del Estigma Asociado al VIH de HSH-VIH positivos en el Noreste de México"
Adrian Valle, Ana C. Treviño, Farith F. Zambrano, Karla E. Urriola, Luis A. Sanchez and Jesús Eduardo Elizondo

"The Physical and Mental Well-being of Central American Transmigrants in Mexico"
Claire E. Altman, Bridget K. Gorman, Sergio Chavez and Federico Ramos Ruiz

"'Illegality,' Structural Vulnerability and Public Health Among Immigrants of Mexican Descent"
Samantha Sabo and Alison Elizabeth Lee

"Addressing Cancer Disparities in the Border Region: A Novel Model of 'Twinning' in Pediatric Oncology"
Spencer Fuller, Paula Aristizabal, David Beyda, Raul Ribeiro and William Roberts

1:00 pm    


2:00 pm    

Panel II — Issues of Population Health

"Detection of Latent Tuberculosis Infection by Interferón Gamma Release Assays Among Border Populations in the United States and Mexico"
Eyal Oren and Francisco Gonzalez-Salazar

"Analysis of Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System Data to Assess the Health of Hispanics with Diabetes in Arizona and Nuevo Leon, Mexico"
Marylyn Morris McEwen and Francisco Gonzalez-Salazar

"Violence as an epidemic: The U.S.-Mexico Border States in a Comparative Perspective"
Fernando Chinchilla and Tony Payan

3:45 pm    

Executive Overview

5:00 pm     

"The U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission: A Binational Approach to Common Challenges"

Cristina Rabadán-Diehl, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Director, Office of the Americas, Office of Global Affairs, United States Department of Health and Human Services

6:00 pm     

Keynote Address

Julio Frenk, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H.
Dean of the Faculty, Harvard School of Public Health; and T & G Angelopoulos Professor of Public Health and International Development, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Kennedy School of Government

7:30 pm    

Closing Dinner at Wiess President’s House