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Plight of thousands of postdoctoral researchers in Boston

Neal F. Lane

Plight of thousands of postdoctoral researchers in Boston.

U.S. federal funding for scientific research has decreased as a proportion of the nation’s GDP over the past decade. Talented young scientists are stalled in jobs that fall short of what their training has prepared them for, a consequence of the federal government’s failure to assign a high priority to the research that made the United States a scientific leader in the 20th century. Research is a critical investment, and there is a deficit between what our government is investing and what it should be investing to remain competitive in scientific knowledge and innovation.

Read the full op-ed, published by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

By Nancy C. Andrews, dean, Duke University School of Medicine; Neal F. Lane, senior fellow in science and technology policy, Baker Institute; and Norman R. Augustine, retired chairman and chief executive officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation. Augustine and Lane are co-chairs and Andrews is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences study on “New Models for U.S. Science and Technology Policy.”