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Model Marijuana Legislation Project 2013

Nathan P. Jones

Model Marijuana Legislation Project 2013.

In 2012, the Drug Policy Program at Rice University’s Baker Institute and the South Texas College of Law (STCL) established a unique agreement to work together on model legislation for the decriminalization and regulation of marijuana in Texas. The collaboration was initiated by students and supported by the administrations and faculties of both educational institutions. South Texas College of Law students produced 19 separate statutes for their public law course in the spring 2013 semester. They were asked to write model legislation regarding some aspect of marijuana policy and provide well-reasoned commentary for their statutes. Experts from the Baker Institute’s Drug Policy Program gave guest lectures on drug policy issues and worked with STCL professor Drury Stevenson to provide a general direction for the course.

The goal of the collaboration between the STCL and the Baker Institute was to create a variety of statutes that legislators and government officials can consult and learn from as marijuana policy is increasingly debated over the next decade. Neither the Baker Institute nor the South Texas College of Law endorses any particular policy. The model legislation has not undergone editorial review by the Baker Institute.


Executive Summary

(1) Decriminalization Statutes
(2) Recriminalization Statutes
(3) Labeling and Advertising Statutes
(4) Marijuana Testing and the Employment Relationship
(5) Permits and Licensing for Sellers, Producers, and Buyers of Marijuana
(6) Regulation of Marijuana Retailers and Commercial Producers
(7) Definitions and General Provisions
(8) Model Commercial Legislation