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The Impact of Covid-19 on Vulnerable Families

Quianta Moore

The Impact of Covid-19 on Vulnerable Families.

While the Covid-19 pandemic upends life around the globe, many vulnerable people in the U.S. — including low-income mothers, children, undocumented immigrants and refugees — face serious challenges that extend beyond immediate health concerns. In a series of policy reports, Quianta Moore, fellow in child health policy, collaborates with Baker Institute experts across disciplines to look at the struggles of these families and the policies that may help them.






The PDFs that follow, top to bottom:

Hidden Figures: The Economic Impact of Covid-19 on Low-Income Women and Their Children
By Quianta Moore, Joyce Beebe and Zeinab Bakhiet

America’s Children: Responding to the Crisis Now with the Future in Mind
By Quianta Moore and Christopher Greeley

Undocumented and Unprotected: Health Challenges for Immigrants During the Covid-19 Pandemic
By Laura Zelaya, Pamela Lizette Cruz and Quianta Moore

Building a New Life in Uncertain Times: The Impact of Covid-19 on Refugees in the U.S.
By Zeinab Bakhiet, Kelsey Norman and Quianta Moore