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Anglo Women Are Key for Texas Democrats

Mark P. Jones

Anglo Women Are Key for Texas Democrats.

If Wendy Davis wants to become the first Democratic governor of Texas since Ann Richards, she needs to replicate Richards' success among Anglo women voters, political science fellow Mark P. Jones writes in a guest column for the Texas Tribune. 

Critical to Richards' victory in 1990 were the ballots cast by Anglo women, who represented 36 percent of voters that year; however, her support among this group dropped in 1994, which effectively doomed her re-election bid. If Anglo women in 2014 continue to vote predominantly Republican as in 2010, Jones writes, Davis' margin of defeat will most likely be in the low double digits, and Democratic plans for turning Texas blue will suffer a devastating setback. 

Read the full article in the Dec. 4, 2013, edition of the Texas Tribune.