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Americas Project

Erika De La Garza

Americas Project.

Americas Project

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The Americas Project is a collaborative venture uniting the resources and expertise of Rice University's James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy and the Organization of American States. This undertaking is designed to create a leadership forum where emerging economic, political and cultural pacesetters throughout the Western Hemisphere can engage in dialogue on important topics of hemispheric consequences. The Americas Project brings together approximately 15 fellows selected competitively from the various countries of the Western Hemisphere. They represent some of the region’s brightest and most promising young leaders.

We share a hemispheric space in the Americas that increasingly requires multinational attention to convergent interests and concerns. These include trade and structural reforms, the flow of capital and labor within the region, growing intraregional trade, shared consumer tastes and marketing, challenges to the order of law, and a common concern for the environment. The need to manage the growing interdependence among the American countries is creating a new and quite different policy climate. The Americas — particularly the developing nations of Latin America — occupy an increasingly vital position on our world's economic, political, cultural, and social map. From Mexico to Venezuela to Chile, these emerging countries are assuming a vital presence on the world's stage.

The Americas Project Fellows meet at the Baker Institute over a four-day period. This period of critical involvement for the fellows includes significant discussion, lectures from prominent voices in the international arena, interactions with senior scholars from Rice and other academic institutions, and extensive networking and dialogue.



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