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Correlation Between Financial Toxicity, Quality of Life and Patient Satisfaction in an Insured Population of Breast Cancer Surgical Patients: A Single-Institution Retrospective Study
This study leverages validated patient-reported outcomes measures  to analyze the association between "financial toxicity" and quality of life and satisfaction among women undergoing ablative breast cancer surgery. Journal of the American College of Surgeons
Anaeze C. Offodile II, Christopher J. Coroneos, Yu-Li Lin, Chris Sidey-Gibbons, Malke Asaad, Brian Chin, Stefanos Boukovalas, Margaret S. Roubaud, Makesha Miggins, Donald P. Baumann December 21, 2020
Heaven and Health: How Black, Latino, and Korean Christians View the Relationship Between Faith and Health
The authors compare views on the relationship between faith and health for two groups that are overrepresented in American Christianity and underrepresented in medical careers (African Americans and Latinos) with a group that is similarly religious but comparatively well-represented in medical professions (Korean Americans).
Elaine Howard Ecklund November 28, 2017