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Why Covid-19 will challenge a major model of addiction
The collective trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic may provide a clearer understanding of why people use drugs — to help us see it not as a moral failing or a brain malfunction, but as a fundamentally human response to negative life events. Read more at the Baker Institute Blog.
Katharine Neill Harris April 28, 2020
Policy & Political Thoughts on the Current Crisis
"This pandemic and looming economic crisis will affect all of us ... The sooner we relearn how to set aside our differences and unite during this difficult moment, the stronger we will emerge from it," says James A. Baker, III, honorary chair of the Baker Institute.
James A. Baker, III April 6, 2020
New Frontiers: Hemp Law & Litigation
Products containing hemp extracts high in CBD are gaining mainstream popularity, acceptance and federal legality. In this article, Lisa Pittman, nonresident fellow in drug policy, focuses on litigation issues particular to hemp.
Lisa Pittman February 1, 2020
Hemp CBD: What Seniors Should Know
Cannabis legalization has been sweeping the nation and is now legal for medical use in 34 states and adult use in 11 states (and the District of Columbia). Lisa Pittman, nonresident fellow in drug policy, discusses what seniors should know about CBD acquisition and use. American Bar Association (subscription required): https://bit.ly/2XaJPUj
Lisa Pittman December 18, 2019
Predicting arrests but little else
Fellow Katharine Neill Harris considers the validity of risk assessment tools, which estimate the likelihood that an individual who has been charged with or convicted of a crime will commit a future offense. Baker Institute Blog: https://bit.ly/2Cwl6jc
Katharine Neill Harris November 11, 2019