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Person blowing out vape smoke
Vaping: Clearing the Air
The authors examine recent trends in vaping, research on its effectiveness for smoking cessation, the role of industry marketing and policy responses to increased use.
Katharine Neill Harris, William Martin February 28, 2020
Marijuana bud next to a gavel
The Case For Marijuana Decriminalization
In recent years public opinion surveys have found that a consistent and increasing percentage of Texans support marijuana reform, but this support has not translated into policy change. The authors explain why it should.
Katharine Neill Harris, William Martin April 16, 2019
Marijuana bud next to a gavel
Marijuana as Medicine
By providing regulated and safe access to medical cannabis to people with demonstrated need, the Texas Legislature can provide justified relief, help reduce the opioid epidemic, and save Texas millions of dollars, write the authors.
William Martin, Katharine Neill Harris April 15, 2019