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A nurse administers a COVID-19 vaccination.
Failures in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Data Collection Complicated Efforts to Ensure Vaccine Equity in Texas
As the pandemic persisted across the state, did Texans living in cities have better access to Covid-19 vaccines than those in rural areas? How did race or age factor in? The authors assess the successes and shortfalls of Texas' vaccine distribution strategy, and how to do better next time.
Kirstin R.W. Matthews, Rekha Lakshmanan March 4, 2022
International Space Station with a background of Earth and the moon.
International Cooperation & Space Exploration
The space station is an outstanding model for international cooperation by the world's nations. Similarly, cooperation can advance many other areas of science and technology through shared expertise and costs, and the pursuit of complementary efforts.
George W.S. Abbey March 1, 2021
The Road Back to the Moon
This brief reviews the cost and development problems associated with NASA's plan to return to the moon by 2024 and argues that it is crucial for officials at NASA and the White House to review and adjust the current plans in order to ensure a successful lunar landing.
George W.S. Abbey February 19, 2021
NASA’s Space Launch System
Due to its high launch costs and the availability of other, more cost-effective commercial launch vehicles, the Biden administration should review the need for NASA's Space Launch System during the negotiation of the annual federal budget, writes George W.S. Abbey, senior fellow in space policy.
George W.S. Abbey February 17, 2021
Unbalanced scales of justice.
Drug Policy Priority Issues for the Biden Administration
Effective drug policy requires acceptance that, for better or worse, licit and illicit drug use is part of our world. The authors recommend several steps the federal government can take to facilitate more pragmatic and effective drug policy at all levels of government.
Katharine Neill Harris, William Martin February 5, 2021
A woman sneezes into a tissue.
Improving the Effectiveness of the Annual Flu Vaccine
By Michael W. Deem, Melia E. Bonomo and Kirstin R.W. Matthews Due to the rapidly mutating influenza virus, a new vaccine is usually developed for each flu season. In this policy brief, the authors discuss the current method used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop the flu vaccine and propose the use of mathematical modeling to improve the vaccine's effectiveness.
Michael W. Deem, Melia E. Bonomo, Kirstin R.W. Matthews October 29, 2018
Drug Policy Is Evolving. Prohibition Inhibits Progress.
There is broad consensus in the medical and scientific community that substance abuse should be treated as a medical and public health problem, not a crime. The authors recommend a sensible pivot from failed policies of drug prohibition toward a realistic approach to drug use.
William Martin, Katharine Neill Harris December 5, 2016