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Textured flags of America and Mexico
What’s up with the USMCA and Mexico’s Energy Policy?
Despite U.S. officials’ attempts to persuade Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to change course on his energy policy, which violates key provisions of the USMCA, his administration has not backed down, the authors write. They explain where the disputes between the U.S. and Mexico currently stand and what they mean for other aspects of the binational relationship.
Miriam Grunstein, Tony Payan September 14, 2022
Coronavirus: The end of populism in Mexico?
The populist government under President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has largely discounted the threat of COVID-19,  and the true extent of the outbreak Mexico may not yet be known. If conditions significantly change for the worse, the president faces not only a public health crisis but also the possible undoing of the country's populist experiment.
Tony Payan March 25, 2020
Nuclear power benefits UAE
Nuclear power confers several benefits to the UAE, including always-on carbon-free electricity, freeing domestic oil and gas for export, leveraging waste heat for desalination and creating high-value employment, writes energy fellow Jim Krane. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: https://bit.ly/2PCKrPC
Jim Krane March 11, 2020