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A nickel processing site.
Need Nickel? How Electrifying Transport and Chinese Investment Are Playing Out in the Indonesian Archipelago
The authors examine tensions in nickel supply and value chains within the context of broad aspirations to electrify transport. Through their case study, which focuses on China’s growing presence in Indonesian nickel extraction and processing, they contend that China is positioning itself as a gatekeeper to the energy transition — with vast implications for strategic planning in the United States.
Michelle Michot Foss, Jacob Koelsch April 11, 2022
Mexican Consumption and the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus on Texas Border Counties
Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Sanchez, the postdoctoral research fellow in international trade for the Center for the U.S. and Mexico, analyzes the economic impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions on the tourism industry of Texas border counties, many of which depend on Mexicans entering the U.S. and spending billions of dollars each year.
Jose Ivan Rodriguez-Sanchez December 4, 2020
Mexico Flag
Mexico Country Outlook 2020
At their inaugural Mexico Country Outlook event, experts from the Center for the United States and Mexico explored what businesses and investors should know to successfully navigate Mexico's complicated economic, social and political landscape in 2020. Download the supporting report below for this exclusive conference.
January 9, 2020