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Reducing the Burden of Criminal Justice Involvement for Minor Offenses
In testimony before the Texas House of Representatives Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, Neill Harris expressed support for limiting arrests for fine-only offenses and expanding cite-and-release eligibility to include nonviolent misdemeanors and low-level drug possession. These changes will save taxpayers money and reduce the racially disparate burdens of incarceration without compromising public safety, she said.
Katharine Neill Harris, Alfred C. Glassell November 5, 2020
Marijuana bud next to a gavel
Marijuana as Medicine
By providing regulated and safe access to medical cannabis to people with demonstrated need, the Texas Legislature can provide justified relief, help reduce the opioid epidemic, and save Texas millions of dollars, write the authors.
William Martin, Katharine Neill Harris April 15, 2019
SynCans & Public Health Policy
While Houston police have cracked down on users and sellers of synthetic cannabinoids (syncans), a chemically produced alternative to marijuana that can cause dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects in extreme cases, postdoctoral fellow Katharine A. Neill argues in this Houston Chronicle op-ed that the city should take a public health approach in addressing rising syncans use.
Katharine Neill Harris March 30, 2017
Curbing Synthetic Marijuana Use
Taking a health-based approach toward curbing the rising use of synthetic cannabinoids, which has caused dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects in extreme cases, may be a more effective policy for the City of Houston, postdoctoral fellow Katharine A. Neill writes in this report.
Katharine Neill Harris March 1, 2017