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Distributed photovoltaic power generation: Possibilities, benefits, and challenges for widespread application in Mexico
This paper assesses the current operational conditions of the Mexican residential electricity sector and examines the potential effects that the massive adoption of distributed photovoltaic power generation (DPV) systems would have on household expenditure and welfare, subsidy reduction, pollution and water resource usage.
Juan Rosellón October 26, 2017
Environmental, Economic, and Energy Assessment of the Ultimate Analysis and Moisture Content of Municipal Solid Waste in a Parallel Co-combustion Process
This research discerns how municipal solid waste (MSW) composition influences the heating value and air pollution for the co-combustion of coal with MSW using five MSW composition scenarios, four of which were derived by a reduction of plastics, organics, paper, or a combination thereof, as compared to the national average MSW composition.
Kenneth B. Medlock III January 8, 2014