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The CLEAN Future Act and Oilfield-Produced Water Regulation: Potential Consequences for the U.S. and Global Energy Transition
Gabriel Collins, the Baker Botts Fellow in Energy and Environmental Regulatory Affairs, explains why Section 625 of the CLEAN Future Act — which aims to classify oilfield-produced water as a hazardous waste — would likely induce multi-system disruptions severe enough to prevent the act from achieving its climate, energy, environmental, and social objectives.
Gabriel Collins June 11, 2021
Oil drums
Permian Basin Energy Producers Invest in Community Infrastructure: Motivation, Impacts, and Implications for Corporate Citizenship
Energy fellow Gabriel Collins investigates how some operators in the Permian Basin are unifying their efforts to solve the unique set of community and infrastructure challenges in the region This working paper is part of a series titled “The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Resource-Rich Regions.”
Gabriel Collins February 24, 2020