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What's Next for State Unemployment Insurance Funds?
The unemployment insurance (UI) system is facing a perfect storm of problems: the pandemic has led to a surge in jobless claims, which is severely straining state UI trusts that weren't fully prepared for a recession. This report reviews the UI system and potential measures to mitigate challenges current downturn.
Joyce Beebe November 23, 2020
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Economic Statecraft: Options for Reducing U.S. Overdependence on Chinese-Supplied Materials and Medications
This policy report explains how specific tools of economic statecraft can be applied to reduce risks caused by dependence on People’s Republic of China-dominated supply chains for critical goods. It offers foundational building blocks for the formulation and implementation of a larger strategy to reduce American vulnerabilities to China.
Gabriel Collins, Andrew S. Erickson April 23, 2020
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The State of Corruption in Latin America
By Paul Lagunes, Baker Institute for Public Policy; Xiaoxuan Yang, Columbia University; and Andrés Castro, Columbia University. Corruption is a persistent problem throughout Latin America. Higher rates of perceived corruption are associated with lower levels of economic welfare and direct foreign investment, write the authors.
Paul Lagunes, Xiaoxuan Yang, Andrés Castro July 8, 2019