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Close up of hands and business giving as illustrated by the exchange of US currency
Do Donor-Advised Funds Need More Regulation?
Donor-advised funds (DAFs) have experienced substantial growth in recent years, prompting debate about abuses of this tax-advantaged vehicle and what policies should be adopted to close loopholes. Fellow Joyce Beebe reviews the design of DAFs, common criticisms, recent policy developments, and opponents’ arguments against additional regulations.
Joyce Beebe April 19, 2024
A stethoscope on American paper currency.
Baker Briefing: The High Costs of US Health Care
Health care costs in the U.S. have climbed dramatically in recent decades. Elevated prescription and premium prices have left more Americans at risk of being unable to afford basic health care services. Our experts discuss key factors leading to medical unaffordability and steps policymakers must take to address the issue.
Joe Barnes, Elena M. Marks December 19, 2023