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Flooding from Hurricane Harvey
The Houston Plan for Flood Damage Reduction
To reduce future flood damage, Houston needs a plan that features a strong vision focused on living with flooding, excellent information on flooding risks and safety concerns, and action on protecting residents' lives and livelihoods, Rice faculty scholar Jim Blackburn writes in an issue brief.
Jim Blackburn November 12, 2018
Living with Flooding in Houston
What should new and established Houstonians know about area flooding caused by hurricanes? How can they avoid buying a home in a flood zone or contact the policymakers who decide where development can occur? Rice faculty fellow Jim Blackburn discusses these issues and more in this guide to living with flooding in Houston.
Jim Blackburn December 4, 2017
Silent effects of natural disasters
Natural disasters such as hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the recent earthquakes in Mexico and monsoon floods in South Asia will have latent effects on future generations through their impact on pregnant women and children in their early years of their life, writes fellow Farhan Majid in a blog for Huffington Post.
October 26, 2017