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Seeds and flower of marijuana with gavel
Baker Briefing: Future of Federal Cannabis Reform
Over half of all Americans live in a state where cannabis is legalized. And yet, the federal government has not reclassified marijuana since 1970. According to the Controlled Substances Act, it is considered a “Schedule 1” substance — the same classification as heroin and crack cocaine with no accepted medical use.
Victoria Jupp, Gary J. Hale, Lisa Pittman February 9, 2024
How Available is Over-The-Counter Naloxone in Houston?
Narcan, the nasal spray that reverses an opioid overdose, is now available without prescription. But how easy is it to get? In this quick take, Rice University students and fellow Katharine Neill Harris investigate the reality of over-the-counter (OTC) access to the live-saving drug naloxone.
Jeffery Liu, Bianca Schutz, Skye Fredericks, Imani Hill, Gautam Chaudhry, Katharine Neill Harris February 2, 2024
Mexico Map
Unraveling Covert Networks: Analysis of Mexican Cartel Alliances
In the fight against Mexican criminal cartels, social network analysis can predict and map out their alliances and subgroups — using algorithms to predict new connections. In this commentary, Nonresident Scholar in Drug Policy and Mexico Studies Nathan P. Jones and his co-authors outline their recent work in the field.
Nathan P. Jones, Oscar Contreras Velasco, John P. Sullivan, Chris Callaghan, Irina Chindea, Daniel Weisz Argomedo October 18, 2023