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The CLEAN Future Act and Oilfield-Produced Water Regulation: Potential Consequences for the U.S. and Global Energy Transition
Gabriel Collins, the Baker Botts Fellow in Energy and Environmental Regulatory Affairs, explains why Section 625 of the CLEAN Future Act — which aims to classify oilfield-produced water as a hazardous waste — would likely induce multi-system disruptions severe enough to prevent the act from achieving its climate, energy, environmental, and social objectives.
Gabriel Collins June 11, 2021
An oil pump behind a fence.
The Cyclical Phenomenon of Resource Nationalism in Latin America
The history of the oil sector in the developing word has been characterized by cycles of investment, often followed by cycles of resource nationalism. Understanding the dynamics behind resource nationalism in Latin America is crucial for designing institutional frameworks that limit the cycles and induce long-term resource policies that foster the development of the abundant resource endowments in the region.
Francisco J. Monaldi March 31, 2020