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Women in hijab in a crowd
Women Driving in Saudi Arabia: Ban Lifted, What Are the Economic and Health Effects?
In June 2018, Saudi Arabia finally put an end to its legal ban on women driving, opening the way for millions of new drivers to navigate across a country three times bigger than Texas. While the long-overdue policy shift provides relief to women who lacked freedom of mobility, the onset of so many new drivers has enormous consequences for transportation and the energy sector, as well as labor market participation and public health.
Jim Krane, Farhan Majid June 13, 2018
US flag drapes around Middle East regional map
Trump Policy in the Middle East: ISIS
This brief on the Trump administration's approach to the battle against ISIS is the first of a three-part series on America's foreign policy in the Middle East. Subsequent reports will examine U.S. policy in Syria and the intensified competition between Iran and traditional U.S. partners in the region, notably Saudi Arabia and Israel.   
Joe Barnes, Robert Barron January 29, 2018