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Barbed wire between Israel, Jerusalem
The Israeli-Palestinian Case: Current Prospects and Continued Importance of the Two-State Solution
This report explores the current situation in Palestinian-Israeli dynamics and concludes that the only real solution is a return to the two-state paradigm. Peace and security — for both Israelis and Palestinians — will come through mutual recognition of statehood and clearly defined and respected international borders, the author writes.
Samih Al-Abid July 1, 2022
Map of Arab Gulf
Aiding and Abetting: The GCC as Quiet Giants and Emerging Players in Aid and Overseas Development Assistance
By Peter Salisbury, Chatham House; Arab Gulf States Institute This brief provides an overview of the evolution of aid and development resources by the GCC states over the past several decades and discusses the political context for their emergence as donor nations. Peter Salisbury discusses the GCC in aid and development in both a short issue brief and longer research paper on pluralism and inclusion in the Middle East after the Arab Spring. The project is generously supported by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.
Peter Salisbury August 28, 2018