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President Biden Ukraine
Biden in Kyiv: The War in Ukraine After One Year
It's been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Where do things stand now? Fellow Joe Barnes explores recent developments, including Biden's surprise trip to Kyiv this week, and why the prospect of a full Russian “victory” has long since vanished.
Joe Barnes February 22, 2023
DMS 110122
Looking Back at Our Impact in 2022
In 2022, the nation faced fundamental questions about how we govern our economy and society — particularly how we formulate public policy. Here, we share 10 highlights of our work that illustrate our impact from the previous year.
David M. Satterfield December 21, 2022
Aerial map of Ukraine, highlighted in red
A Dangerous Winter Looms for Ukraine
As Russia continues to target energy infrastructure, a dangerous winter could be on the horizon for millions of Ukrainians. Bonner Means Baker Fellow Joe Barnes examines the various factors at play and what’s ahead for the brutal war in Ukraine.
Joe Barnes December 12, 2022
Natural Gas
Natural Gas Balance in Europe: Germany as a Case Study
Europe’s reliance on fuel-switching and demand-rationing — and its need for new natural gas supply sources — will persist through this winter into next year. Using a newly developed interactive dashboard, Center for Energy Studies experts analyze possible winter scenarios using Germany as a case study.
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Anna Mikulska, Luke (Leelook) Min December 7, 2022
Putin Russian
Why Putin is Doubling Down in Ukraine
Russia is losing the war in Ukraine, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, faced with this truth, has decided to double down on his efforts. Fellow Joe Barnes explains how Putin has boxed himself into a corner — and why this makes him so dangerous.
Joe Barnes October 11, 2022
Ukraine flag
How Ukraine Is Upending Putin’s War
The war in Ukraine has taken a dramatic turn. The recent Ukrainian victory in the Kharkiv region has sent a clear message to Putin, who has so far responded with partial mobilization: Russia is in deep trouble in Ukraine.
Joe Barnes September 21, 2022