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The globe at night; focus on Europe
The Madrid Summit and the Future of NATO
Russia’s attack on Ukraine — the culmination of over a decade marked by growing Russian military interference in Georgia and then Ukraine — has refocused NATO’s attention on the threat posed by Moscow.
Joe Barnes July 5, 2022
Asia at night
Hold the Line Through 2035: A Strategy to Offset China’s Revisionist Actions and Sustain a Rules-based Order in the Asia-Pacific
The authors offer strategies to counter an increasingly aggressive China and to position the Indo-Asia-Pacific for continued prosperity and growth under a rules-based regional system. Their recommendations comprise a dynamic blend of diplomatic, information, military and economic action.
Gabriel Collins, Andrew S. Erickson November 12, 2020
Time to Reapply Defense Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific
A defense diplomacy shielded from the influence of nationalistic and partisan sentiments presents a valuable opportunity for the U.S. to advance regional security in the Indo-Pacific, and to forge a path to a more equitable and peaceful future with China, writes nonresident scholar Daniel Katz.
Daniel H. Katz October 2, 2020
A digitized version of North America.
Latin America Initiative | Issue Brief
Emerging Latin American Multinational Firms: Outward Foreign Direct Investment in the Pacific Alliance Countries
The landscape is changing for foreign direct investment in Latin America. Investments flow not only from north to south, but also from south to south and south to north. What's more, relatively small firms in developing countries are becoming as likely as multinationals to invest abroad.
Roberto Echandi, Yago Aranda, Daniela Gomez-Altamirano June 27, 2017