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Flooding from Hurricane Harvey
Houston Flooding 3.5 Years After Harvey
Jim Blackburn, co-director of Rice’s SSPEED Center and a Baker Institute Rice faculty scholar, examines what the city of Houston has done to prepare for flooding and other extreme weather events brought about by climate change since Hurricane Harvey struck Houston more than three years ago.
Jim Blackburn March 2, 2021
Reducing the Burden of Criminal Justice Involvement for Minor Offenses
In testimony before the Texas House of Representatives Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, Neill Harris expressed support for limiting arrests for fine-only offenses and expanding cite-and-release eligibility to include nonviolent misdemeanors and low-level drug possession. These changes will save taxpayers money and reduce the racially disparate burdens of incarceration without compromising public safety, she said.
Katharine Neill Harris, Alfred C. Glassell November 5, 2020
Children sit at desks in school
Why Are Children Underperforming in School? A Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Students in Harris County
In this study, the authors surveyed students in 80 Harris County schools, as well as their parents, to identify external factors that influence academic performance, particularly among students living in poverty. Their findings can be broadly used to better understand the unmet needs of students under current systems of support, and to develop solutions that can give every child an opportunity to succeed.
Quianta Moore, Christopher F. Kulesza, Hannah Bablak, Selena Guo September 11, 2020
Drug treatment shortages in Harris County
Despite the wealth of evidence attesting to the efficacy of medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, the majority of Americans who need it can't get it — including in Harris County, Texas’ largest county. Baker Institute Blog: https://bit.ly/31D9qGV
Katharine Neill Harris June 18, 2019
Marijuana bud next to a gavel
The Case For Marijuana Decriminalization
In recent years public opinion surveys have found that a consistent and increasing percentage of Texans support marijuana reform, but this support has not translated into policy change. The authors explain why it should.
Katharine Neill Harris, William Martin April 16, 2019
Reducing Flood Damage in Houston
To reduce future flood damage, Houston needs a plan that features a strong vision focused on living with flooding, excellent information on flooding risks and safety concerns, and action on protecting residents' lives and livelihoods, Rice faculty scholar Jim Blackburn writes in an issue brief.
Jim Blackburn November 12, 2018