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Peter Hotez on science diplomacy
Peter Hotez, Baker Institute fellow in disease and poverty and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, was named a U.S. science envoy by the State Department in December. The Houston Chronicle profiles Hotez's current project to prevent a virulent outbreak of a neglected tropical disease or emerging infection in ISIS-occupied territories in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.
Peter J. Hotez April 7, 2015
Sierra Leone’s hookworms
The latest December Ebola Situation Report from WHO indicates that Sierra Leone currently has the highest total number of reported cases — almost 8,000 — having recently overtaken Liberia. Adding to Sierra Leone’s woes is a new finding that the country is tied with Togo as the most hookworm-endemic country in Africa, with 34 percent of the population infected with hookworms. In this blog post, Peter Hotez, fellow in disease and poverty, examines whether or not there is a link between hookworm and Ebola in Sierra Leone.
Peter J. Hotez December 19, 2014
Combating the emerging viral infectious diseases
Ebola is by no means the only major emerging virus infection with lethal epidemic or pandemic potential. A special issue of Microbes and Infection focuses on these dangerous emerging viral threats, with an emphasis on recent developments to create new therapeutics, immunotherapeutics, and vaccines, and highlights important research and development work coming out of leading universities and research institutes in China.
Peter J. Hotez December 18, 2014
Neglected Tropical Diseases That Kill
There is no question that Ebola virus infection is one of the most lethal of all of the neglected tropical disease (NTD) pathogens, but on a global scale there are a number of other NTDs that also cause large numbers of deaths, write Peter Hotez and Jennifer Herricks. In fact, at least six NTDs kill more people each year than all those who perished from Ebola virus infection this year.
Peter J. Hotez December 2, 2014