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Windmill in a storm
BCarbon: A New Soil Carbon Storage Standard
A working group led by the Baker Institute has developed an innovative measurement-based standard — “BCarbon” — for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil as organic carbon. BCarbon is a scalable soil carbon storage standard designed to work for landowners and soil carbon storage buyers. The proposed standard allows landowners to monetize soil carbon storage as a property right.
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Jim Blackburn November 2, 2020
Water Cost Savings From Soil Biochar Amendment: A Spatial Analysis
The authors' combined statistical and economic models on specific aspects and properties of biochar will be useful for future field experiment proposals, farmers purchasing biochar, and decision-makers working to incentivize agricultural advances. In GCB-Bioenergy, October 8, 2020, https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/gcbb.12765
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Caroline A. Masiello, Jennifer Kroeger, Ghasideh Pourhashem October 8, 2020
A coal power plant.
Policy Support for Biochar: Review and Recommendations
The authors examine the role that government policy can play in accelerating production and use of biochar at commercial scale, such as providing commercial financial incentives, nonfinancial policy support and research and development funding. The article also includes broad recommendations for the development of policy that maximizes the net benefits of biochar adoption.
Shih Yu (Elsie) Hung, Kenneth B. Medlock III, Caroline A. Masiello, Ghasideh Pourhashem December 21, 2018