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DMS 110122
Looking Back at Our Impact in 2022
In 2022, the nation faced fundamental questions about how we govern our economy and society — particularly how we formulate public policy. Here, we share 10 highlights of our work that illustrate our impact from the previous year.
David M. Satterfield December 21, 2022
US and China Flags
How Not to Win a Tech War
The tech war between the U.S. and China has come faster than predicted, writes faculty scholar Moshe Vardi. If the U.S. is to protect its technological advancements, it will need to invest in both domestic and international research talent.
Moshe Vardi December 20, 2022
Aerial map of Ukraine, highlighted in red
A Dangerous Winter Looms for Ukraine
As Russia continues to target energy infrastructure, a dangerous winter could be on the horizon for millions of Ukrainians. Bonner Means Baker Fellow Joe Barnes examines the various factors at play and what’s ahead for the brutal war in Ukraine.
Joe Barnes December 12, 2022