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Congress debates the AUMF
Congress is debating new authorization for the use of military force known as AUMF. Fellow Joe Barnes discusses the issue in an interview with C-SPAN radio.
Joe Barnes August 8, 2017
Rethinking drug policy in Houston & Harris County
The November 2016 elections brought significant changes to drug policies in Houston and Harris County, particularly with regard to marijuana, and may lead to changes in other major Texas cities. Dean Becker, a Drug Policy Program contributing expert and host of radio programs aired on more than 70 stations throughout the nation, interviewed principal figures involved in these changes, both before and after the election. MP3 recordings and transcripts of these interviews, along with hundreds of others gathered over 15 years, are available on the Drug Truth Archive on the Drug Policy Program website.
June 23, 2016
Why Iran's elections matter
Iran's Feb. 26 elections will not be free and fair, says Middle East Center fellow Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, but they are important indicators of trends among powerful factions. Tabaar assesses the prevailing mood among voters, whether the elections will be a referendum on President Hassan Rouhani, and more in a Feb. 24 Q&A with the Council on Foreign Relations.
Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar February 24, 2016