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Oil pipelines.
Winning the Long War in Ukraine Requires Gas Geoeconomics
Proactive U.S. efforts to enhance Europe’s gas security and blunt Russia’s ability to use gas for hybrid warfare would directly support its ability to sustain and upgrade its combat credibility in East and Southeast Asia. By incentivizing upstream gas investments globally through the demand call associated with a broader European move to replace Russian gas with LNG, gas geoeconomics would over the medium term also help increase global LNG supply to the ultimate benefit of U.S. allies in Asia, foremost among them Japan and South Korea.
Gabriel Collins, Anna Mikulska, Steven R. Miles August 4, 2022
Molecule Indifferent Gas Geoeconomics, Not Energy Sanctions, Are The Best Option to Harden Europe Against Russian Gas Coercion
The authors explain why, over the next decade, gas geoeconomics policies can enhance energy security, solidify market liberalization, and also reduce emissions by maximizing the use of clean-burning natural gas. Central and Eastern Europe offer fertile ground for interested countries to partner with the United States in this policy direction.
Gabriel Collins, Anna Mikulska September 9, 2020
Oil drums
Shale Renders the ‘Obsolescing Bargain’ Obsolete: Political Risk and Foreign Investment in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta
The authors evaluate Argentina’s energy sector and test the hypothesis that investments in tight oil and shale gas extraction expose investors to fewer risks than extracting conventional oil and gas. This working paper is part of a series titled “The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Resource-Rich Regions.”
Gabriel Collins, Mark P. Jones, Jim Krane, Kenneth B. Medlock III, Francisco J. Monaldi February 24, 2020
Oil drums
Permian Basin Energy Producers Invest in Community Infrastructure: Motivation, Impacts, and Implications for Corporate Citizenship
Energy fellow Gabriel Collins investigates how some operators in the Permian Basin are unifying their efforts to solve the unique set of community and infrastructure challenges in the region This working paper is part of a series titled “The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Resource-Rich Regions.”
Gabriel Collins February 24, 2020
China's Evolving Oil Demand
This working paper analyzes three key factors that characterize the “new normal” of China’s oil demand: slowing overall demand growth, gasoline replacing diesel as the demand driver, and a substantial rise in refined products exports.
Gabriel Collins September 30, 2016