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A hydroelectric dam.
Water Powers: The Second World War and the Mobilization of Hydroelectricity in Canada, the United States, and Germany
This article considers the implications of expanding hydroelectricity for war production and strategy using Canada, the United States and Germany during World War II as an example. The article also examines how war-time decisions structured the longer-term evolution of large technological systems: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1740022819000366
Julie A. Cohn, Matthew Evenden, Marc Landry February 13, 2020
A globe sits on a desk.
Resolving "Worm Wars": An Extended Comparison Review of Findings From Key Economics and Epidemiological Studies
Global deworming programs for children were once believed to improve a child’s chances for health, growth and success in school. New research that claims to debunk the merit of such programs has set off so-called “worm wars” between investigators. The authors aim to resolve the issue through an extended comparison of findings from key economics and epidemiological studies.
Muhammad Farhan Majid, Su Jin Kang, Peter J. Hotez March 7, 2019