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Latin America Initiative | Commentary
Venezuela's best hope is Guaidó
The best hope for oil-rich Venezuela is new, democratic leadership — and supporting Juan Guaidó is the first step, writes Latin America Initiative director Erika de la Garza.
January 30, 2019
Optimizing health care dollars
By Morgan N. Fredell, Hagop M. Kantarjian, Ya-Chen Shih, Vivian Ho and Binata Mukherjee Current U.S. health care spending includes many areas of wasted expenditures. In this study, published in Cancer, the authors explore plans to optimize U.S. health care to provide greater benefits to patients: https://bit.ly/2TmeoDg
Hagop M. Kantarjian, Vivian Ho January 29, 2019
Latin America Initiative | Commentary
Trump's big Venezuela gamble
President Trump's decision to recognize Venezuelan National Assembly Speaker Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president is a controversial decision that could backfire, hurting the U.S. and South America alike, writes fellow Mark Jones for New York Daily News: https://nydn.us/2S9mhiY
Mark P. Jones January 23, 2019
Human Embryo Research in the U.S.
The papers in this series examine the ethical, policy and scientific issues that arise in the controversial field of human embryo research.  The reports are part of the grant “Drawing the Line: Assessing and Analyzing the U.S. Rule on Embryo Research from Ethical, Political, and Scientific Perspectives,” which was funded by The Greenwall Foundation. Additional support for the project was provided by the Brocher Foundation and the Baker Institute’s State of Qatar Endowment for International Stem Cell Policy.
Kirstin R.W. Matthews January 23, 2019
Center for Energy Studies | Latin America Initiative | Commentary
Argentina’s 2019 Elections
Fellow Mark P. Jones previews Argentina’s upcoming presidential and petri-province elections and their potential implications for the country’s energy sector in a post for the Forbes blog: http://bit.ly/2WaFYoI.
Mark P. Jones January 22, 2019