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Storing Germany's renewable energy
For Germany, power-to-X, also known as “power-to-gas,” presents distinct possibilities to store excess renewable power generated in times of relatively low demand, which can improve the economic value of renewable generation by facilitating a classic storage arbitrage, the authors write. Forbes: http://bit.ly/2PSQ0YZ.
Kenneth B. Medlock III May 8, 2019
Missteps in U.S. Govt's Muslim Outreach Plan
America's post-9/11 push to positively engage with religious communities in the U.S. and Middle East led many citizens to experience surveillance and targeting, which reinforced suspicion of the federal government. "Best practices would likely result from appointing individuals with the expertise necessary to protect equal rights and democracy, as core components of promoting religious freedom and tolerance," writes postdoctoral fellow Annelle Sheline. Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs.
Annelle Sheline May 8, 2019
Most Texans don't want to pay higher sales tax
By Renée Cross, Jim Granato, Mark P. Jones and Pablo M. Pinto Despite the diversity of opinions in Texas politics, the majority of Texans oppose an increase in state sales tax to compensate for revenue lost from property tax reform, write the authors in Dallas News: https://bit.ly/33TGUBW
Mark P. Jones May 7, 2019
Latin America Initiative | Commentary
Trump's Venezuela Policy Failing?
The Trump administration continues to rattle a weak saber, sustaining the unrealistic hope among the Venezuelan opposition that the United States may someday come to the rescue, the author writes. Foreign Policy: http://bit.ly/2GUkSnO.
Christopher Sabatini May 3, 2019
Gas Pipelines
A Proposed Shale Ban in Mexico
In the near term, a ban on shale development in Mexico will have little impact since factors like limited infrastructure and access to water would likely stall progress in any case, the authors conclude. In the long-run, a ban may adversely affect efforts to diversify Mexico’s gas supply.
Adrian Duhalt, Anna Mikulska, Michael D. Maher May 3, 2019