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Why mergers can impair patient care
Hospital consolidation and acquisition of physician practices theoretically make sense by creating economies of scale and complementarities in patient services. But there is also evidence that such mergers do little to restrain prices or improve patient care. Click here for a Baker Institute podcast featuring Marah Short, associate director of the Baker Institute Center for Health and Biosciences (CHB), who recently published a paper, co-authored by CHB director Vivian Ho, on the issue.
Marah Short March 15, 2019
The New Guardians of Religion: Islam and Authority in the Middle East
Who speaks for Islam and who holds religious authority in the Middle East? These questions strike at the heart of the relationship between religion and politics in the Muslim world, for whoever can legitimately claim religious authority has an opportunity to shape the extent to which religion is politicized in the region. Our study examines this issue by identifying the channels of influence between religious leaders who claim to hold Islamic authority and individual Muslims across the region. The findings depict a complex religious space in the Middle East that reflects its citizens’ nuanced approach toward religion and the religion-politics relationship.
A.Kadir Yildirim March 12, 2019
Center for Energy Studies | Latin America Initiative | Commentary
Argentina: A win for the oil sector
The March 10 election in Argentina's Neuquén province was a very good night for international oil and oil service companies, private Argentine energy companies and, broadly speaking, Argentina overall, writes political science fellow Mark P. Jones. Forbes blog: http://bit.ly/2HwqCWZ.
Mark P. Jones March 11, 2019
Is the Trump-AMLO honeymoon over?
As Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador officially crosses the 100-day mark in his presidency, scholar Rodrigo Montes de Oca examines what his policies thus far indicate about the future direction of the U.S.-Mexico relationship. The Hill: http://bit.ly/2T04yWt
Rodrigo Montes de Oca March 11, 2019
A globe sits on a desk.
Resolving "Worm Wars": An Extended Comparison Review of Findings From Key Economics and Epidemiological Studies
Global deworming programs for children were once believed to improve a child’s chances for health, growth and success in school. New research that claims to debunk the merit of such programs has set off so-called “worm wars” between investigators. The authors aim to resolve the issue through an extended comparison of findings from key economics and epidemiological studies.
Muhammad Farhan Majid, Su Jin Kang, Peter J. Hotez March 7, 2019
Electricity & a changing climate
Center for Energy Studies senior director Ken Medlock provided an overview of trends in electricity generation by source — from coal and natural gas to wind, solar and biomass — and the role of infrastructure during testimony before the U.S. Senate’s Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on March 5.  Download the PDFs below to read his written testimony and the questions for the record submitted to Medlock, as well as his answers.
Kenneth B. Medlock III March 5, 2019