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A hydroelectric dam.
Water Powers: The Second World War and the Mobilization of Hydroelectricity in Canada, the United States, and Germany
This article considers the implications of expanding hydroelectricity for war production and strategy using Canada, the United States and Germany during World War II as an example. The article also examines how war-time decisions structured the longer-term evolution of large technological systems: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1740022819000366
Julie A. Cohn, Matthew Evenden, Marc Landry February 13, 2020
Energy Dialogues Summary: 2019
In 2019, Energy Dialogues and the Center for Energy Studies hosted an event at which representatives from industry, academia, environmental groups and regulatory bodies focused on three themes: energy innovation, energy transitions and energy poverty. This report summarizes the day's discussions.
Kenneth B. Medlock III February 13, 2020
Iran: The Real ‘Deal Of The Century'
Fellow Jim Krane discusses a possible multi-party compromise that could ease tensions between the United States and Iran. The compromise would involve President Trump trading partial relief of Iran sanctions for Tehran’s help in ending both the war in Yemen and the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia. Forbes Blog: http://bit.ly/37qklFw
Jim Krane February 13, 2020
Doctors converse in a corridor.
Using Medicare Data to Measure Vertical Integration of Hospitals and Physicians
The results of this study suggest that Medicare Data on Provider Practice and Specialty, which costs less to obtain than from a for-profit data source, can be used to reliably track the cost and quality effects of vertical integration between hospitals and physicians.
Vivian Ho, Sasathorn Tapaneeyakul, Marah Short, Leanne Metcalfe, Lan Vu February 4, 2020