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Wind turbines and solar panels against a sunset.
Grids and Renewables
In the transition to a renewable energy future, we must invest in a new transmission infrastructure – some crossing state borders – that connects intermittent power, traditional power and users, write Center for Energy Studies experts.
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Olivera Jankovska, Julie A. Cohn February 22, 2021
The Road Back to the Moon
This brief reviews the cost and development problems associated with NASA's plan to return to the moon by 2024 and argues that it is crucial for officials at NASA and the White House to review and adjust the current plans in order to ensure a successful lunar landing.
George W.S. Abbey February 19, 2021
U.S. flags behind a chain-link fence
The Materialization of a Dream: Creating a Pathway to Permanent Residency for DACA Recipients
The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has provided hundreds of thousands of young people in the U.S. with a reprieve from deportation, but program recipients have long lacked a pathway to permanent residency. This paper explores routes to immediate status and citizenship for those eligible for DACA, also known as "DREAMers."
Catherine Glazer February 19, 2021
NASA's Space Launch System
Due to its high launch costs and the availability of other, more cost-effective commercial launch vehicles, the Biden administration should review the need for NASA's Space Launch System during the negotiation of the annual federal budget, writes George W.S. Abbey, senior fellow in space policy.
George W.S. Abbey February 17, 2021