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Oil Price Collapse in Latin America
Francisco J. Monaldi, Fellow in Latin American Energy Policy, explores three critical variables — dependence on oil revenues, fiscal outlook and the impact of low prices on future investments — that can help to identify the countries in Latin America that are most vulnerable following the recent oil price collapse. Americas Quarterly: https://bit.ly/2xibxWg
Francisco J. Monaldi April 27, 2020
Podcast: Refugees & the coronavirus
While refugees are not inherently more susceptible to the Covid-19 virus, many live in conditions that leave them highly vulnerable. This special podcast draws from an April 16 webinar hosted by the Baker Institute Roundtable. It features Kelsey Norman, Ph.D., the Kelly Day Fellow in Women’s Rights, Human Rights and Refugees. Listen to the podcast here.
Kelsey Norman April 24, 2020
Boxes labeled "MADE IN CHINA" move along a production line.
Economic Statecraft: Options for Reducing U.S. Overdependence on Chinese-Supplied Materials and Medications
This policy report explains how specific tools of economic statecraft can be applied to reduce risks caused by dependence on People’s Republic of China-dominated supply chains for critical goods. It offers foundational building blocks for the formulation and implementation of a larger strategy to reduce American vulnerabilities to China.
Gabriel Collins, Andrew S. Erickson April 23, 2020
Voting and Political Representation in America
In a book that examines voting trends and political representation in the United States today, Tony Payan and Pam Cruz contribute a chapter on "The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo"; and Pam Cruz contributes a chapter on "Lawful Permanent Residents in the U.S."  Mark Jones is the editor.
Mark P. Jones, Tony Payan, Pamela Lizette Cruz April 23, 2020