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Two individuals in masks doing tricep exercises outdoors.
The Role of Prosocial Behavior in Promoting Physical Activity, as an Indicator of Resilience, in a Low-Income Neighborhood
Analysis of a survey conducted by the authors found that prosocial behavior plays an important role in an individual’s ability to engage in health-promoting behaviors, such as physical activity, despite adverse conditions. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Aug. 13, 2020.
Quianta Moore, Christopher F. Kulesza, Rachel Kimbro August 14, 2020
Many trees cut down in a forest.
Ecology and Economics for Pandemic Prevention
The global financial cost of Covid-19 could top $15 trillion. But governments could prevent future pandemics by investing as little as $22 billion a year in programs to curb wildlife trafficking and stem the destruction of tropical forests, according to an international team of scientists including Baker Institute Faculty Scholar Ted Loch-Temzelides.
Ted Temzelides, Andrew Dobson, Stuart Pimm, Lee Hannah, Les Kaufman, Jorge Ahumada, Amy Ando, Aaron Bernstein, Jonah Busch, Peter Daszak, Jens Engelmann, Margaret Kinnaird, Binbin Li, Thomas Lovejoy, Katarzyna Nowak, Patrick Roehrdanz, Mariana Vale July 24, 2020