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Four NOCS: Facing the current demand destruction
The oil glut and the unprecedented drop in demand, along with plummeting oil prices due to the coronavirus pandemic, is revealing the strengths and weaknesses of oil firms globally. The authors consider four NOCs — Ecopetrol, Petrobras, Petronas and Pemex — in the context of the current crisis.
Benigna Cortés Leiss, Adrian Duhalt May 20, 2020
Yemenis Are Left Alone to Face Covid-19
Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, fellow for the Middle East, examines pandemic response measures in Yemen, which are complicated by the impact of more than five years of war and displacement, a lack of a functioning or unified central authority, and a health system heavily reliant on international aid and donor support. Gulf International Forum: https://bit.ly/3cLh9I7
Kristian Coates Ulrichsen May 19, 2020
Dialysis machine
Pre-ESKD Nephrology Care and Employment at the Start of Dialysis
The authors found that six months of pre–end-stage kidney disease nephrology care did not significantly improve the likelihood that patients would remain employed when they started dialysis. This finding underscores the need to identify effective methods to help patients stay employed when they transition to dialysis.
Vivian Ho, Kevin Erickson May 18, 2020
Steel, Hydrogen and Renewables
Iron and steel production are necessary for modern infrastructure, and the sector is both energy intensive and difficult to decarbonize. The authors explore new, evolving processes that could change this and potentially provide both environmental and economic benefits. Baker Institute Blog: https://bit.ly/2WYktsC
Kenneth B. Medlock III May 15, 2020