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America’s Children: Responding to the Crisis Now with the Future in Mind
Parental stress, which is heightened during natural disasters, can produce negative physiological responses in the developing brains of their infants and young children. This irreversibly alters the child’s brain structure, impacting their long-term prospects for good health and academic and economic success. Now is the time to institute policies and practices that mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the next generation, write the authors,
Quianta Moore, Christopher Greeley June 30, 2020
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Women's Grassroots Mobilization in the MENA Region Post-2011
This compilation is based on the “Women’s Grassroots Mobilization in the MENA Region Post-2011” workshops held in Rabat, Morocco and Amman, Jordan in February and March 2020. The following briefs address many facets of women’s mobilization in the second decade of the 2000s. Using detailed case studies of specific countries and movements, the contributing authors — who include scholars and activists from Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Turkey, Palestine, and Jordan — examine which spaces for women’s mobilization have opened and which have closed off.
Kelsey Norman June 28, 2020
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The USMCA's Future in Context
In the last of a series of reports on the USMCA, fellow David Gantz considers the trade-related matters that could affect the success of the USMCA as a mechanism for encouraging investment, creating new jobs and enhancing consumer welfare in North America.
David A. Gantz June 16, 2020
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The Association Between New COVID-19 Cases and Google Searches for Mental Health
When states report an increase in Covid-19 cases, Google searches for mental health-related issues also increase, often significantly, the authors find. Their analysis of Google trends data, which is posted in Advance Social Science and Humanities, recommends that policymakers prepare for greater mental health needs in the event a predicted resurgence of Covid-19 becomes a reality.
Patrick S. Tennant, Quianta Moore, Jennifer Gonzalez, Melissa Rowan, Catie Hilbelink June 10, 2020