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Children sit at desks in school
Why Are Children Underperforming in School? A Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Students in Harris County
In this study, the authors surveyed students in 80 Harris County schools, as well as their parents, to identify external factors that influence academic performance, particularly among students living in poverty. Their findings can be broadly used to better understand the unmet needs of students under current systems of support, and to develop solutions that can give every child an opportunity to succeed.
Quianta Moore, Christopher F. Kulesza, Hannah Bablak, Selena Guo September 11, 2020
Molecule Indifferent Gas Geoeconomics, Not Energy Sanctions, Are The Best Option to Harden Europe Against Russian Gas Coercion
The authors explain why, over the next decade, gas geoeconomics policies can enhance energy security, solidify market liberalization, and also reduce emissions by maximizing the use of clean-burning natural gas. Central and Eastern Europe offer fertile ground for interested countries to partner with the United States in this policy direction.
Gabriel Collins, Anna Mikulska September 9, 2020
Ceiling of a mosque in Iran.
Religious Parties and Ideological Change: A Comparison of Iran and Turkey
Using religious political parties in Iran and Turkey as case studies, the authors argue that the parties are not passively constrained by religious doctrine. Rather, they actively and continually construct religious narratives that respond to their immediate threat perceptions and political environment. Read more at Political Science Quarterly.
Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, A.Kadir Yildirim September 8, 2020
Calculating taxes
Be a Good Sport (and Pay Your Taxes)
Public finance fellow Joyce Beebe examines a new approach that states have been exploring to secure additional revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic — imposing excise taxes on sports betting and daily fantasy sports. Baker Institute Blog: https://bit.ly/3jNT85Z
Joyce Beebe September 3, 2020