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The flags of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.
The USMCA's Future in Context
In the last of a series of reports on the USMCA, fellow David Gantz considers the trade-related matters that could affect the success of the USMCA as a mechanism for encouraging investment, creating new jobs and enhancing consumer welfare in North America.
David A. Gantz June 16, 2020
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The Association Between New COVID-19 Cases and Google Searches for Mental Health
When states report an increase in Covid-19 cases, Google searches for mental health-related issues also increase, often significantly, the authors find. Their analysis of Google trends data, which is posted in Advance Social Science and Humanities, recommends that policymakers prepare for greater mental health needs in the event a predicted resurgence of Covid-19 becomes a reality.
Patrick S. Tennant, Quianta Moore, Jennifer Gonzalez, Melissa Rowan, Catie Hilbelink June 10, 2020
Texas refineries at sunset.
Carbon Capture in Texas: Comparative Advantage in a Low-Carbon Portfolio
In this series of papers, the authors argue that Texas has a comparative advantage when it comes to implementing CCUS technologies, given the volume of CO2 emissions from industrial activity, the amount of oil and gas production, the scale of geologic storage potential, and the breadth of engineering and subsurface expertise in the state. Lawmakers and regulators can help facilitate the development of a robust CCUS industry in the state by addressing existing legal and regulatory uncertainties and by carefully considering pathways that can establish Texas as a leader in a low carbon energy future.
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Keily Miller June 1, 2020
Opinion: We have a responsibility to guide our leaders during pandemic response
"It is our collective responsibility as Americans to take on the momentous challenge of Covid-19 by actively guiding and influencing our leaders toward wisdom and resilience," writes Baker Institute director Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian in an op-ed for the Houston Chronicle.  To view his commentary on the Houston Chronicle website, visit this link: https://bit.ly/3ccv0qu
Edward P. Djerejian May 21, 2020