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Water Cost Savings From Soil Biochar Amendment: A Spatial Analysis
The authors' combined statistical and economic models on specific aspects and properties of biochar will be useful for future field experiment proposals, farmers purchasing biochar, and decision-makers working to incentivize agricultural advances. In GCB-Bioenergy, October 8, 2020, https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/gcbb.12765
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Ghasideh Pourhashem, Caroline A. Masiello, Jennifer Kroeger October 8, 2020
Fuel Subsidy Reform Since Pittsburgh G20: A Lost Decade?
More than a decade after G20 representatives pledged to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, significant barriers to a full retraction remain. This paper examines the political and social rationale behind fossil fuel subsidies, the factors that make them so difficult to retract, and offers policy recommendations aimed at easing the path to subsidy reform.
Jim Krane, Francisco J. Monaldi October 7, 2020
Time to Reapply Defense Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific
A defense diplomacy shielded from the influence of nationalistic and partisan sentiments presents a valuable opportunity for the U.S. to advance regional security in the Indo-Pacific, and to forge a path to a more equitable and peaceful future with China, writes nonresident scholar Daniel Katz.
Daniel H. Katz October 2, 2020
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Is the Foundation of the Circular Plastics Economy About to Go Up in Flames? A Cross-Atlantic, Interdisciplinary Perspective in Europe and the U.S.
The authors assert that the time is ripe for the United States and Europe to take the lead on shepherding a systems-level change in the recycling market, strengthened by government regulation and legislation. They examine the economic, social, and environmental impacts of mismanaged waste and argue that the Covid-19 pandemic could serve as a catalyst for action toward a global, circular economy.
Rachel A. Meidl, Vilma Havas, Brita Staal, Amy Brooks September 18, 2020
Critical Minerals Considerations for Energy Transitions
On September 16, energy fellow Michelle Michot Foss provided an overview of the role of critical minerals in creating a clean economy during testimony before the U.S. House of Representative's Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change. She also discussed the challenges associated with energy transitions, including import dependency and considerations for meeting environment, social and governance (ESG) goals.
Michelle Michot Foss September 16, 2020
Children sit at desks in school
Why Are Children Underperforming in School? A Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Students in Harris County
In this study, the authors surveyed students in 80 Harris County schools, as well as their parents, to identify external factors that influence academic performance, particularly among students living in poverty. Their findings can be broadly used to better understand the unmet needs of students under current systems of support, and to develop solutions that can give every child an opportunity to succeed.
Quianta Moore, Christopher F. Kulesza, Hannah Bablak, Selena Guo September 11, 2020