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A natural gas plant in Russia.
Send Lawyers, (Gas) And Money: Executive Summary for “Strategic Response Options if Russia Cuts Gas Supplies to Europe”
This executive summary recaps a longer report that seeks to quantify the energy security consequences of a disruption of gas supplies from Russia to Europe, and to assess strengths, weaknesses and consequences of potential responses.
Gabriel Collins, Kenneth B. Medlock III, Anna Mikulska, Steven R. Miles February 21, 2022
Power lines during a freeze.
ERCOT Froze in February 2021. What Happened? Why Did It Happen? Can It Happen Again?
The authors conduct a step-by-step examination of various factors that were blamed for the extended power outage on the ERCOT electricity grid in February 2021. While no single factor fully explains the calamity, the bureaucratic failure in identifying and addressing risks along fuel supply chains was a major failure. Most proposed remedies do not fundamentally address what occurred. The authors make several recommendations, some of which have already been implemented.
Peter Hartley, Kenneth B. Medlock III, Shih Yu (Elsie) Hung February 2, 2022
Mexico Flag
Mexico Country Outlook 2022
What should businesses and investors know to successfully navigate Mexico's economic, social and political landscape in 2022? The Center for the United States and Mexico answered this question at an exclusive virtual conference on possible responses to Mexico’s myriad challenges. Download the supporting report, below.
January 31, 2022