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Map of Middle East.
Key Middle East Policy Issues for the Biden Administration
This brief explores pressing issues the Biden administration should address in developing a strategy for the Middle East. It provides analysis and policy recommendations related to the GCC states, U.S.-Iran relations, Islamist groups, and refugees and migration. Further CME publications will address issues such as the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace and the crisis in Lebanon.
Kelsey Norman, A.Kadir Yildirim, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar March 17, 2021
Flooding from Hurricane Harvey
Houston Flooding 3.5 Years After Harvey
Jim Blackburn, co-director of Rice’s SSPEED Center and a Baker Institute Rice faculty scholar, examines what the city of Houston has done to prepare for flooding and other extreme weather events brought about by climate change since Hurricane Harvey struck Houston more than three years ago.
Jim Blackburn March 2, 2021
International Space Station with a background of Earth and the moon.
International Cooperation & Space Exploration
The space station is an outstanding model for international cooperation by the world's nations. Similarly, cooperation can advance many other areas of science and technology through shared expertise and costs, and the pursuit of complementary efforts.
George W.S. Abbey March 1, 2021
A needle poking a human cell.
Rethinking Human Embryo Research Policies
It now seems technically feasible to culture human embryos beyond the “fourteen‐day limit,” which has the potential to increase scientific understanding of human development and perhaps improve infertility treatments. Robust stakeholder engagement preceded adoption of the fourteen‐day limit and should arguably be part of efforts to reassess it, write the authors.
Kirstin R.W. Matthews, Ana S. Iltis, Daniel S. Wagner, Nuria Gallego Marquez, Jason Scott Robert, Inmaculada de Melo-Martín, Marieke Bigg, Sarah Franklin, Soren Holm, Ingrid Metzler, Matteo A. Molè, Jochen Taupitz, Giuseppe Testa, Jeremy Sugarman February 26, 2021
Graph of stock market downturn with coronavirus superimposed
The Macroeconomic Scars of the Pandemic
In this brief, public finance fellow Jorge Barro explains some of the long-term economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and argues that policymakers can prepare for the impending macroeconomic shortfalls by maintaining a commitment to improving education, prioritizing immigration and resolving fiscal imbalances.
Jorge Barro February 25, 2021