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Stem cell
Unproven Stem Cell Interventions: How Texas Can Promote Patient Safety and Education
The market for stem cell therapies is growing, but most of these treatments are still experimental — and patients who undergo them risk experiencing serious side effects. This quick take offers three recommendations to improve patient safety and education around stem cell interventions in Texas.
Kirstin R.W. Matthews, Akshaya Venkatesh April 27, 2023
Russia Map
Baker Briefing: A US Diplomat’s Perspective on Russia
On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war against Ukraine, leaving in its wake 18,000 civilian casualties and eight million people who fled the country. Ambassador John F. Tefft, former Ambassador to Russia (2014-2017) and Ambassador David M. Satterfield, director of the Baker Institute, reflect on the events that have transpired in the past year and what the future might hold for the Russia-Ukraine war.
David M. Satterfield, The Honorable John F. Tefft April 25, 2023